USPR CEO Mike Muncy to Speak at WV Governor’s Energy Summit

U.S. Precious Metals Chairman and CEO Paul “Mike” Muncy has been personally invited by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice to speak at the 2017 Governor’s Energy Summit. The focus of the conference, which begins on October 18, 2017, is advancing energy development and how emerging technologies will impact West Virginia’s economy and natural resources.

The State’s Office of Energy is hosting the 2-day summit in Roanoke, which will be attended by senior government officials, energy and technology association executives, college and university administrators, industry leaders, and other influential decision makers from and around the Mountain State. Presentations at the conference will discuss new and innovative ways to strengthen West Virginia’s energy industry and tackle advancing energy development across the country. Former Governor and friend of Mr. Muncy, Senator Joe Manchin, will also be presenting federal energy updates from his post on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Mr. Muncy’s speech will focus on clean coal technologies and the impact on the West Virginia mining industry. As the former CEO of Allied Energy Services Corporation, Mr. Muncy predicted the downturn in utilization of fossil fuels and initiated the company’s investment into alternative energy processes. He also served as the Chief Technology Officer for the GeoAsia Group where he reviewed new technology for suitability in the respective mining companies under the company’s control, which is over 2 billion tons of coal reserves as well as copper and nickel mines in Indonesia.

Among the emerging technologies approved by GeoAsia was Plasmafication, which uses high temperature torches to break down hydrocarbons like coal and plant waste and use the byproducts to generate electricity and liquid fuels. In support of this technology, Mr. Muncy worked closely with West Virginia University to develop a coal to liquid fuels plant in Morgantown, WV. The NASA Rated TRL 7 facility has developed patents and tested processes for the Department of Defense to manufacture economically viable synfuels from coal.

Mr. Muncy will be discussing coal to liquid fuels as well as other advancements in mining technology. He is honored to be invited by Governor Justice, and thanks his administration for its focus on modernizing West Virginia’s coal industry. For additional information about the 2017 Governor’s Energy Summit, please contact Bradley Harris at or 304-957-9363.

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