Our Goal

The management team’s near term target is to bring U.S. Precious Metals, Inc. (USPR) to full reporting status

In furtherance of our primary goal of bringing the company back to full SEC reporting status, we have retained the services of securities attorney Russell L. Forkey, P.A. Representing investors since 1980, Mr. Forkey has handled numerous arbitration hearings, appeared in court on securities and commodities litigation matters. Mr. Forkey has been called upon by other legal professionals to review and dispute decisions, and has been retained to take these matters through the appellate process. With his guidance, we expect USPR to resume reporting by the end of 2017.


Building Value

The team at U.S. Precious Metals has an unparalleled track record in energy and technology markets. Their experience has exposed them to a wide variety of business models and market conditions. This reputation presents a unique opportunity for the company to acquire high earning businesses at favorable prices.