Our Vision

The new Board of Directors made up of seasoned corporate managers is committed to increasing shareholder value first and foremost

Our business model is to vet and acquire revenue-generating companies and add value for our shareholders by retaining residual interests in the projects. The residual interests may be in the form of royalties, minority interests or equity positions. We look for companies with a sustainable competitive advantage driven by a proprietary product or differentiated business model. Our management team’s focus is on companies in the energy and technology industries as well as select emerging markets. Ultimately our goal is to acquire numerous businesses generating cash flow, and we would then remit proceeds to our shareholders in the form of a dividend.

USPR Holdings is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct. We actively monitor developments in best practices and applicable laws to ensure that we meet that commitment.


Our Team

Paul “Mike” Muncy

Mr. Muncy (age 63) serves the Company as its President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. For the last 5 years, Mr. Muncy, as discussed below, worked for GeoAsia Group. His industrial career began in leadership at Olga Coal Company in Coalwook, West Virginia as State Certified Miner and State Certified Underground Mining Electrician. He served as one of Olga’s Mining Electrical Supervisors primarily directing repairs of 100 ton 400VDC Jeffery Locomotive and other track equipment. He also spent time in the sections directing repairs of Joy, Lee-Norris Long-Airdox and other face equipment. Learning from his experience in safety and operations, Mr. Muncy developed a patent for a “Diode Dynamic Braking System” designed for track haulage equipment that harnessed the counter electromotive force created in DC traction motors when they are not across the line. Additionally, Muncy has Certifications from the United States Department of Interior for High Voltage Surface and Underground. He is certified by MSHA as a “Train the Trainer”. He was responsible for developing OSHA Compliance Policies for “Lock Out / Tag Out’, Positive Tie Off and has had extensive experience in Accident Prevention and Incidents Investigation. He has worked in developing corporate level policies on Ground Water control and Hazardous Waste Mitigation. He taught Maintenance Practices, Confined Space Entry, OSHA 40hr HAZMAT/HAZWOPER and drafted Corporate Policies dealing with Electrical, Mechanical, Hydraulic Accumulator, Spring Tension, Ingress/Egress and policies for interaction with personnel and Overhead Gantry Cranes. In the 1980s, Mr. Muncy became an owner operator of coal mines in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He acquired Co-Operative Oil Investments (C.O.I.N.) based in West Virginia where he rehabilitated 42 wells producing from the Maxon Injun and Devonian formations. In collaboration with Hi-Tec Completions, his companies performed up-hole re-completions on Devonian Wells that showed suitable electric logs in the upper horizons. This effort maximized the dollars spent on the initial drilling by utilizing existing technical data to recomplete the well in the upper structure that was not produced in the initial drilling program. Muncy also introduced steam injection technology that is commonly used in the heavy oil formations of California to the “light-sweet” Pennsylvanian formations in West Virginia.

In his early years in heavy industry, Muncy was responsible for improving production efficiency thru the “Study of Repetitive Motion and Time”. As the former CEO of Allied Energy Services Corporation, Mr. Muncy predicted the downturn in utilization of fossil fuels and initiated the company’s investment into alternative energy processes, as a hedge to keep the predominately fossil fuel driven company ahead of the downturn that has currently pressured the coal industry. In taking the position with USPR, Mr. Muncy resigned from the Board of GeoAsia Pvt. Ltd. based in Singapore. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer for the GeoAsia Group and reviews new technology for suitability in the respective mining companies under the control of the Geo Asia Group. The Geo Asia Group holds in excess of 2 billion tons of coal reserves as well as copper and nickel mines in Indonesia. Muncy is also a Dispute Resolution Specialist (Arbitrator) dealing primarily with Magnuson-Moss disputes. He has done pro-bono work at the county level in West Virginia, as a mediator. We believe that Mr. Muncy’s extensive experience in coal, oil, and other extractive industries makes him the ideal leader for the future of USPR.

Michael Green

Mr. Green (age 61) serves the company as its Chief Financial Officer and as a member of its Board of Directors. For the last 8 years, Mr. Green was and continues as the Managing Director of Valley Tax Advisors, LLC., located in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has 39 years of professional accounting experience, with an emphasis in taxation. Mr. Green built his career working for one of the prestigious “Big Four” accounting firms with expertise with a full range of businesses and individuals. His vast knowledge covers everything from corporate tax management to forensic accounting regarding shareholder disputes. Through his onsite tax service work internationally, Mr. Green has authored guides for multinational company tax policies and lectured on various tax issues impacting business. Mr. Green has directed all tax aspects of client engagements, including planning, supervision, billing, and final technical review. He has served as manager for consolidated filings and focused on minimizing interstate corporate tax burden. Mr. Green also authored and compiled a corporate policy manual for a global investment bank, focusing on tax minimization for worldwide employees on international assignment. He developed and evaluated evidence of compliance as well as exposure to liability, and assisted counsel with tax implications of proposed settlements, including long-term computations.

John Leufray

Mr. Leufray (age 36) is a member of the Company’s Board of Directors and also serves as its head of internet technology. Since 2010, Mr. Leufray has and continues to work for J. M. Studios, LLP, currently located in Miami, Florida, as an advertising consultant. He began his career as an industrial designer where he developed a “Lightweight Modular Swing Arm” to hold LCD monitors on hospital beds. During his studies in Industrial Design and Marketing at University of Michigan, he advanced to the corporate world designing a marketing campaign for Reebok and the Houston Rockets. After college, Mr. Leufray continued in the design space developing websites and internet-based applications for Nike, Ford, Walmart, and Audi, where he was the lead designer of the German company’s U.S. website. Following his career as a designer, Mr. Leufray began a website development firm where he led a team of designers and programmers focusing on brand development and measurable ROI for their clients.

Mr. Leufray also has an extensive technical background in mining technologies, which, combined with his experience in design and marketing provides the company with the valuable ability to translate complex technological concepts into layman’s terms. We believe that Mr. Leufray’s expertise in design, marketing, and advertising provides the Company with a valuable skill set.

Carlos Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez (age 34) serves on the Board of Directors. Since 2012, Mr. Hernandez has and continues to work for ICS7, Inc., a privately held IT Support company that he founded in 2012, located in Miami, Florida. He has built a substantial base of corporate clients that includes a Fortune 500 company. Mr. Hernandez began his career managing information technology systems for Opus Financial where he served abroad as the company’s Director of Network Operations. He later went on to establish his own technology consulting firm working with clients such as Rotech Healthcare, Harmony Development Corp. and others to provide them cost effective multimedia based integrated application development solutions which lowered operating overhead and improved business processes. Among his technical skill set, Mr. Hernandez is an expert on predicative analytics and software modeling tools, including those used for data mapping and mineral evaluation.

His proficiencies specifically include exploration and 3D design solutions and the integration of digital technology for modeling, estimation, design, optimization and scheduling. He aslo has a strong background in advanced grid applications, rotated block modeling, dynamic slicing and grade estimation tools that will be highly useful in providing the direct link between the Company’s decision makers and its engineering and drilling teams. Moreover, Mr. Hernandez’s expertise is expected to play a critical role in the managing and validation of drill hole, geophysical, financial analysis, lithological and analytical data from explorative and exploitative mineral mining activities. These competencies include, but are not limited to, 3D geological interpretation, compositing for non-stratigraphic and stratigraphic topographies, as well as ensuring the business can make informed decisions by identifying, planning, and communicating extraction strategies, critical path and high exposure areas as part of an interactive scenario planning process. Inasmuch, Mr. Hernandez brings a unique combination of understanding and experience to the Board through the lenses of a digital technology perspective that is focused upon maximum return on investment by carrying out optimization, design and evaluation work; calculating ore reserves in accordance with established planning policies such as cut-off grades and legislative requirements; and a commitment to continuous improvement by contributing to the optimization of systems, processes and practices.

Keith Ritson

Mr. Ritson serves the company as its head of Investor Relations. Mr. Ritson has been both a business professional and entrepreneur for over a decade. Having been an investor in USPR continuously over the past five years, he was recently offered a position assisting the company on regulatory matters and public relations, which he graciously accepted. Mr. Ritson can be reached at or by clicking the button below.